The Storm is a Brewin’

It is coming.

The barks of the dogs of life alerts us to it long before its arrival. We have either ignored them, thrown an old shoe in their direction or yelled out the window to “shut up!”, which never seems to help except add to the fire of our emotions. The house begins to moan in an old disturbed way that speaks of the roiling pressures that have started to buffet its tired walls. Window frames begin to flap, slowly at first, but quickly picking up the pace adding to the growing clamor.

As the danger mounts, books are shaken from their shelves, dishes and lamps bounce their way to destructive shattering on the floor below. Tables and chairs take on a life of their own, toppling over but never settling down. Even the heaviest of things—the four poster bed and grandma’s old china hutch are no match against the invisible power which has seized the day and the house within it, twisting and turning, shaking it with such force it seems as if the foundations are being ripped from its underbelly.

Window panels spawn momentary webs of delicate cracks before exploding into a violent maelstrom of swirling shards and for but a moment, with a bloody arm of protection shielding your eyes you dare to look at the monster which approaches. Never have you experienced such a beast. Never have you witnessed such destruction. There is nothing that can be done—and nowhere to run or to hide. The world as you know it is being lifted and shaken, torn from the generational roots upon which it was built.

This pillar of destruction spans from the throne room of heaven to the rubble of the earth, its width enveloping all from horizon to horizon. Its incalculable power is unstoppable, piercing the impenetrable, displacing the unmovable and razing the unshakable. No engineering marvel can curtail it, no medical breakthrough can cure it, no military force can destroy it and no political gathering can find a solution by a vote.

While the steps of a righteous person are ordered by the Lord who delights in their way, the steps of the wicked, those whose hearts are as black as coal and dead in their trespasses and sins unknowingly follow another who seeks to displace the one true God and King. Their rebelliousness against their creator God, having reached a tipping point as it once did thousands of years ago has brought this judgmental conclusion to our doorstep. Their ‘gnashing at the teeth’ prideful wickedness has turned the world inside out to the point where it is as it was in the days of Noah—where every imagination of the thoughts of their hearts is only evil continually.

There is no victory by human hand and we are a sad and ignorant lot when we believe there is. There is only victory by a gracious hand which will reach down from heaven and pluck you mercifully from the valley of death which is riding hard and fast toward you. It is not too late—not yet. But time is running short, for the storm is a brewin’.

And it is headed straight towards you.


For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

Romans 10:13



4 Days to 60

Now that 2016 is in the rearview mirror, I look forward to my next milestone, turning 60 in just 4 days from now.

I had originally intended on starting this countdown a little earlier, but like many aspirations, they often get brushed aside, ignored or forgotten about. This time at least, my excuse carries a little more water as my swollen face from my recent surgery doesn’t look good no matter what angle I try in the mirror.

The mass was in my left parotid salivary gland, which from what I have read typically takes 2 to 3 hours to remove in surgery. My surgery defied those numbers, taking 6 hours to complete because the depth of the tumor, nestled up to the carotid artery. While there has been pain and difficult sleeping, particularly that I habitually sleep on my left side, I am doing quite well and will be visiting the doctor this morning for my post surgery visit and lab results on the mass. Once he clears me, it is back to work.

Well enough of surgery and tumors.

What really matters is what lies ahead, for you and for me and the time we have available.

If we were able to launch out far into space, we could get a better grasp just how small our little world is in this great big universe. And perhaps that would help us to better understand what a tiny speck in time are lives are. But our lives, however long they might be are filled with things that matter and things which do not. So many distractions pull us away from who we really are and what we are really doing here that often we never get any real traction and have grown so accustomed to failure that it has become just another part of who we are.

Begin in the race is more than simply getting out of the gate.

While there is breath in us, no one is beyond the grace of God. No matter how many times you have stumbled and fallen in your race, the grace of God is there.

The calamity of our race is filled with attention drawing noise—rolling amongst the highs and lows of raucous calamity and painful din with lots of pleasantries thrown in just to keep us off-balance and our heart rate anxiously elevated. Flashing lights and barrages of color join the barrage upon our senses and without the use of divine side blinders and the steady, reassuring hand of our Savior we would have no chance to make it down the track.

Our Lord, has given us all things pertaining to life and godliness upholds us in his hand even when fall. We are not thrown in the garbage heap. We are not utterly cast down, for his mercies are new and fresh everyday. Great is his faithfulness to us, even in the midst of our unfaithfulness to him.

But the enemy will do everything within his deceptive means to keep us down when we stumble. As we find ourselves face first in the muck and mud of life, the enemy comes alongside. He presses his boot hard to our necks and whispers in our ears that it is over—tells us that we will never get up. He tells us that no God could love a wretched person like us—that God has abandoned us in our failures. He tells us to take our eyes off the finish line and turn them instead to the world around us. He tells us to take our place with the billions of others endeavoring after fallen, earthly achievements, for this is all there is.

Eat, drink and be merry is the tune of his song.

But God has put a new song in our mouths, giving all praise and honor to Him. He picks us up in his loving arms, holding us tenderly as he reminds us of his never ending love and his unquenchable grace.

So let’s put our eyes back on Christ, the author and finisher of our faith and run the race which is set before us.

The Days of Rebellion

The climate of human thought in the days leading up to the “Day of the Lord” is described in Paul’s second letter to the Thessalonians (2 Thessalonians 2:3) as a falling away in the old King James version. People will be falling away from something or many things perhaps. The word here is apostasia, from where we get our word apostasy, which we most often associated with a departure from biblical truth once known and understood, but now rejected and repudiated.

Comparing this text with others such as 2 Timothy 4:3 where Paul described a future time in which people will not endure sound doctrine and Revelation 3:14-19 where John records from his vision on Patmos the end of the Church age, where salt has lost its savor, and the people have gone about their business of “Churching” with no real need of the Lord who is standing outside of their closed-door (Revelation 3:20), knocking and desiring to enter and commune with them we get a clear picture of Christian apostasy.

But the full weight of the word apostasia should be considered beyond the departure from biblical truth, which is bearing out now in a world best described by the prophet Isaiah (Isaiah 5:20) where the world is abandoning every long-held and established standard and thought in a radical transformation of light into darkness and yet calling the darkness light. We are living in the midst of a time of abject rebellion, which is what apostasia means, with an angry world ripping things out by its roots and turning them upside down.

It is rebellion which marks the day, impacting every aspect of our societies. There is rebellion in the Church against biblical truth. There is rebellion in our political systems. There is rebellion in our social climate. Rebellion is everywhere, rising out of the early stages of national distress with perplexity as Luke describes it (Luke 21:25).

And out of this perplexity has arisen political leaders offering change, cutting across the grain of long-held beliefs and methodology, catching people by surprise. In the United States alone, both Obama and Trump have arisen seemingly out of nowhere on a platform of change and they have been gobbled up by perplexed people, clamoring for just that. There has been a loss of comfortability with people in the United States as well as the rest of the world as they watch this great unraveling of economic stability, sovereignty and security and they seem willing to try anything or anyone.

Brexit mentality has taken hold—a foothold has been established and more leaders will arise offering the hope of change and more referendums will occur on the ballot to consider breaking away from the globalist march. This is the climate which is ripe for the ultimate deception and is truly setting the stage for the arrival of the final world leader before our Lord returns to establish his kingdom.

And how ripe is the time? Consider these words of the first president of the United Nations General Assembly, Paul-Henri Spaak:

“We do not want another committee, we have too many already. What we want is a man of sufficient stature to hold the allegiance of all the people and to lift us up out of the economic morass into which we are sinking. Send us such a man, and whether he be God or devil, we will receive him.”

Prepared for the hour…

There is nothing that God does not know and there has never been a time in which He did not know it.

And with that knowledge, including the knowledge of how human beings will respond to circumstances and to Him, He places His fingertip on a point in time and says HERE!

This foreknowledge of God upon which He makes His decree includes the path we take and the prayers of intercession which we offer. We know that God is not willing that any should perish (2 Peter 3:9) but that all should come to repentance toward God and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ (Acts 20:21), and yet we find ourselves in the eye of the storm—a rapidly spinning convergence of things visible and things invisible, of prophetic utterances and world perplexity.

This is a convergence of God’s will and man’s choices—where everything that is occurring, often times seemingly unrelated and erratic, congeal and begin to take on a recognizable shape—focused toward an inevitable conclusion. Within this monstrous spiritual storm, time, thought, deeds, prayer, sin and everything drills down to a point—HERE!

It is a point unmovable.

It is a point unshakeable.

It is a point unavoidable.

It is a point undeniable for God has proclaimed it:

So the four angels, who had been prepared for the hour, the day, the month, and the year, were released to kill a third of mankind. Revelation 9:15

Prepared (times past) for the (definite article) hour, the day, the month and the year…nothing arbitrary about this. Powerful angelic creatures who were prepared for a deadly mission against the human race, imprisoned in the waters of the Euphrates river for who knows how long, will be released to carry out their mission of judgment at a very specific point in time.

People run from this kind of talk.

There is a reason so many churches don’t teach about hell anymore.

There is a reason that prophecy is neglected.

People do not want to hear about such things.

They would rather slide into the gaping mouth of their destruction unaware and oblivious to what is coming.

But it is coming.

And no power on earth can stop it…or delay it by kicking the prophetic can further down the road of time.

God has put his finger on the line of time and said HERE!

And it is headed our way.

For God has not destined us for wrath, but to obtain salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ. 1 Thessalonians 5:9

Desolation Diaries 8-13-16



Uncertainty and the fear which accompanies it is all part of the grand plan. They are but two arrows in the same quiver designed to destabilize the world’s status quo by which we, that is my father and I can herd the masses in the direction we want them to go—namely off the cliff and into our hands.

Apart from seeking divine intervention, there is nothing that you or the rest of the world can do about it. Our plan has worked so well that any hope of economic stability in the world is but an unattainable dream. Defiant individualism and nationalism will fair no better than compliant unionism and identity fluidity in our brave new world. Elections, no matter who is running or what party takes control can pull back the reins of destruction.

It is over.

And when I finally emerge, taking my rightful place on the…

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Desolation Diaries 10-17-16



How close things are becoming—glorious things—marvelous things—destructive things.

How easily our agenda is advanced. How apathetic and complacent have the people of the world become. Like pigs to the slaughter they come, and I shall hold the knife to their throats and give glory to my father with every pull of my blade, their bodies falling to the ground. A growing heap of death and destruction.

And to think that all of this could have been avoided. Their miserable souls could have been destined for an eternal existence starkly different from the one which is theirs. His prophets have heralded warning down through the centuries, and while they have had some impact, the words have fallen largely on deaf ears—much to my and my father’s delight.

We have long passed by the “best sold by date” and the moment of my unveiling is nearly here. I delight in the…

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The Last Score

It may sound as if I am expecting a little Scott Joplin ragtime to background the story of a small time grifter, planning the biggest con of his life so he can make enough dough before fading into obscurity with a new life in a new town. But that is not the kind of score I am speaking of. And no, this isn’t about a baseball game which has gone deep into extra innings, thinning out the crowd who looking at their watches realize that the alarm clock goes off pretty early in the morning. They will just have to get the final score in tomorrow’s news.

No, this is a different type of score all together, one never used in our day and age and yet one which is or at least should be familiar to most Americans.

“Four score and seven  years ago,” the President began with his preamble to one of the greatest speeches every given, “our fathers brought forth, upon this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.”

A great deal of time has passed by since the day Lincoln gave his speech—more than seven scores of years, carrying with them marvelous achievements and monstrous failings—a snapshot of the up and down nature of the human condition. And now, it appears the world is headlong into the last score of human history, at least in terms of what could be considered normative history. For the times are a-changin as Dylan wrote (long before becoming a Nobel laureate) and they are changing at breakneck speed.

Soon, the hidden will be made manifest—the veil will be pulled back allowing the world to finally see what has been hidden from view for all of human history. Sight and experience will never supplant faith, but they will stand alongside, locked arm in arm as the world will act, as did doubting Thomas when he pressed his fingers into the scars of sacrifice. But even as the world comes face to face with this next and most defining chapter in history, it will not be enough for so many, who while recoiling in horror to their revealed condition and hopeless situation, defiantly gnash their teeth instead of repentantly falling to their knees.

The strength of the storm is dramatically increasing, and its violent effect can be felt and witnessed all around us. Ahead, the eye of the storm, obscured by the spinning destructive force which surrounds it is heading straight toward us. While visible only from above in the heavenly throne room, we know it is there—an uncomparably powerful convergence of events which no power on earth can stop apart from a global repentance to God and faith in Jesus Christ (Acts 20:21). This insanely intensifying storm of evil is setting the stage for the judgment of God—a great and terrible divine winepress which will crush every creature who would dare to stand against heaven and Jesus, the Son of God.

It isn’t however the first time such judgment fell to mankind by the hand of God.

Despite the efforts of a socially deceived movement of people, the sign of the rainbow was never given to celebrate and recognize the sinfulness of people but was instead stolen—absconded and distorted by those who live in opposition both to the framework and decrees of Almighty God, and by virtue of their shameful fearlessness to his name, in opposition to God himself. Dead unto God, their lives ebb and flow in the ethereal darkness of the spirit of antichrist, mocking God who created them.

The rainbow belongs to God, who  offered it to us all as a visible reminder of his promise that he would never again destroy the world by flood waters.  It is also a memorial to the judgment that God meted out on a world where every imagination of the thoughts of people was only evil continually. The days of Noah were very much like our world today—upside down and described best by the ancient prophet Isaiah who wrote woe to them that call evil good and good evil (Isaiah 5:20).

Let Isaiah’s warning ring true to today and everyday. Woe to each and every one of us who live in moral relativism and call evil good and good evil. For judgment is at our very doorstep. And this time, it will not come like rising flood waters, but is will come furiously like a tempest slamming itself again and again against the seawall of the world’s crumbling defenses and withering achievements. It will come not as water, but as a calamitous riot of overlapping and overwhelming suffering, pain and death.

There is nothing you can do to stop the unfolding plan of God.

But there is something you can do to keep you from it.

Looking far back into history we have the opportunity to gain insight—hopeful insight and by means of that insight, the opportunity of divine deliverance from the wrath to come. God’s Word links the world’s coming judgment with the judgments of the ancient flood of Noah and the destruction of the cities of the plains in Lot’s days. In Peter’s second epistle we read about God preserving Noah, called a herald of righteousness and seven others as well as God’s rescuing of righteous Lot (and his family) out of divine judgment—snatched away from the very jaws of destruction. For the Lord knows how to deliver the godly from tribulation, for they were not appointed unto wrath.

You too can be snatched away from the terrible judgment coming upon this earth.

All it takes is for you to be counted righteous as both Noah and Lot were counted righteous.

But make no mistake, the righteousness you need and the deliverance you seek comes only by faith in the Son of God, Jesus Christ and by no other means. And the time needed to make that decision is rapidly drawing to a close, for we are living in the days of the last score.

Jesus said that the days in which we are living are like the days of Noah (Matthew 24:37). And we can see that our world stumbles right along in its everyday activities oblivious to the peril which is coming, just as the people of Noah’s day, who mocked the warnings Noah preached and who watched the construction of that massive ark. Think of that. The God of all grace, who could have by mere thought wiped out the world’s wicked population, instead set up this elaborate theatrical and evangelistic display, with the righteous preacher Noah giving warning to the people day in and day out. For 120 years, or can I say it another way—six score of years, the crowds gathered and mocked as the faithful witness of Noah and his family pressed on building the vessel, hewn from the surrounding trees of Calvary and lined by the pitch of Christ’s blood atonement.

The final days before destruction were 120 days in length or six scores of years.

It is interesting that the specifics of that time was recorded for us in the Bible, don’t you think?

Certainly, God could have conveyed the truth of the Genesis flood without that little detail.

Why would God want to include this six scores of years for us—today, living in such a time as Noah lived?

We live in days, not only reflecting the days of Noah, but we also those often referred to as the Laodicean era—that tepid final period of Church history when the salt’s savor is slipping away amidst the damnable heresies and increasing apostasy we have been long warned about. They are the days in which every conceivable means of reaching the world are in place and the preacher’s of righteousness give their warnings night and day to an ever-increasing resistant and mocking world.

It was during the age of Philadelphia when nations such as England and the United States were the hubs of evangelistic outreach—walking through God’s open door, reaching millions for Christ. That was the age when the inerrancy and the authority of God’s Word was still held high, the banner which to follow into the unseen battle against principalities and powers. Those were the days of God’s invisible hand sweeping across the lands, into homes and taverns with the unmistakable power of God, awakening people to their spiritual plight and to the savior which bid them, come. Great universities were built for the training of preachers and missionaries, and God raised up men and women to go forth into all the world and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ—preachers and missionaries like John Wesley, William Carey, Mary Slessor and J Hudson Taylor.

So when did Philadelphia end and when did Laodicea and the final six scores of years begin?

That information we haven’t been given, and rightly so, for no man knows the exact day in which our Lord returns to snatch away the righteous from the wrath to come. But we can look back and witness the dramatic changes which have occurred in the past hundred years or so in the Church and see, anecdotally, that we passed into the age of Laodicea sometime around the end of the nineteenth century which happens to correspond to the death of the greatest evangelist of that era, Dwight L. Moody.

So what does this mean to you and to me?

The final stage of evangelistic efforts are being played out right now, and the ark of our day is nearly completed. The world watches in mocking contempt as we labor in our efforts to bring one more person into the vessel of deliverance. But rest assured, one day the work will be complete—that last soul will be added to the bride of Christ—and the first drop of destruction will fall, for the final age before judgment—the Laodicean age of 120 years or six scores is nearly complete.

We are living in the last score.

Why Do the Heathen Rage?

We have been warned about the days in which we live.

The prophets—the apostles—the very inspired Word of God minces no words when it comes to describing a crazed world spinning faster and faster down the funnel of destruction. Lunacy and madness rule the day while anxiety driven anarchy pokes and prods with reckless abandon, seeking to break through and rip the world apart.

Along the way, the historic and biblical understanding of absolutes has been gleefully tossed into the maniacal flames as the world attempts to wipe out every vestige of divine order and with it, God himself. The monster has broken free of the petri dish as the mad scientist world attempts to create a global “safe zone”, free from any visible or audible “trigger” which evokes emotions ranging from a mild awkwardness to full-head-on-heathen-rage and gnashing of teeth.

Barriers and boundaries—distinctions which separate are deeply hated by those who bury their self-loathing and claw maddeningly at the prison walls of their dark soul as they attempt to normalize their circumstance. But light and darkness to not mix and as the frustration of their failed experiments manifest themselves, they do the only thing their spiritual insanity allows them to do, and that is to try to stamp out the light all together.

Why do the heathen rage?

Why do they weep and wail and gnash their teeth?

They do so because those in darkness love sin and hate the light.

They do so because they fear the future and the one distinction which they cannot erase and that is the one between life and death.

Most embrace contrived notions of what lies just a moment beyond the end of life as they know it, hardily embracing a cessation of everything and an uneasy but practiced sense of perpetual darkness—anything but the idea of eternal consequence and divine accountability.

Others plunge headlong in crazed pursuit of all that is embraced in trans and post humanism. Science and technology are their holy grail to enhance and extend life by becoming biologic and technological chimeras. This Promethean journey is not aptly described when one decries them as “playing God”, but has at its core a brackish and dark force behind it, one which will manifest itself fully when the prison cell is fully opened and the foretold beast arises from the bottomless pit and merges with a political leader who will sign an agreement with the world which promises peace, peace—seven years of peace.

This antichrist is the ultimate fulfillment of those who wish to break down every barrier and distinction which God has established and in the long run attempt to undermine and replace God himself.

This spirit of antichrist has been at work for a very long time, and now its menacing nature is preparing to break out of the shadows and step forth on center stage. The silence of the theater has been broken by the slowly rising haunt of music, crafted by a master of deceit to which even Rachmaninoff and Barber would bow. The heavy curtains begin to separate as the highly anticipated next act of the world’s history is ready to perform.

The world is set to burn even as the heathen rage rejoice in their maddening pursuit not realizing that it is they which will become fodder on the battlefield.

There is no place for them to hide. There is no escape in the darkness.



The Word of God is alive and powerful! Erwin Lutzer speaking on “How to Survive a Storm” Chuck Swindoll speaking on “Cleaning Up the Trash We Regret” Chuck Swindoll speaking…

Source: Preaching

False Gospel

We have seen it. We have heard it. We have read about it.

False gods and false paths to God are everywhere.

They are even prevalent among those who hang a “Christian” moniker around their neck or posted outside their meeting places.

While there have always been lies, distortions and attacks on the Word of God and the good news of Jesus Christ, the efforts by the enemy are in full head-on rampage mode today as we approach the end of the age. Time is certainly running out as far as Satan is concerned, for he wants as many people as he can get to be a part of his nearly unbridled seven-year rulership through the beast.

Scripture warns us again and again about the lies which will and are being perpetrated and the spiritual climate of our day. Paul warns us that there cannot be an infusion of grace and works in our salvation, for when that happens, grace ceases to be grace.

But if it is by grace, it is no longer on the basis of works; otherwise grace would no longer be grace. Romans 11:6

And we know that our salvation is not accomplished by our works:

Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to his mercy he saved us, by the washing of regeneration, and renewing of the Holy Ghost. Titus 3:5

It is not what we offer, what we do or what we can accomplish:

For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God. Ephesians 2:8

But as the apostle Paul wrote we are redeemed by the grace of God by means of our faith in Jesus Christ. Anything to the contrary is a lie and deception of the highest order. It is of such importance that Paul stated as clearly as it could be stated that any so-called gospel which has been removed from the grace of Christ is not the gospel. It is a perversion and an abomination.

With shifting culture and social mores the label of abomination has been used and hashtagged with increasing frequency. But the greatest abomination in the church today is a gospel message which either tied up and strangled in legalism or lost in the diluted waters of progressive liberalism.

However it has become distorted the result is the same—an abomination worthy for the apostle Paul to leverage his own hashtag #anathema or #accursed.

For by grace are you saved through faith…believe on the Lord Jesus Christ…for there is no other name under heaven given to the human race whereby we must be saved.

Nothing more and nothing less.

And yet…

Before I go, I would like to share with you a video of a CNN interview between Rick Sanchez and Dr. Dwight Hopkins, Professor of Theology at The University of Chicago Divinity School and an ordained American Baptist minister. At the time of the interview, Dr. Hopkins was according to Rick a member “in good standing” with the Trinity United Church of Christ. By virtue of the fact that Rick Sanchez is conducting the interview tells you that this video is about seven or eight years old.

While the focus of the interview is the inflammatory rhetoric by the former lead pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, it is to the point of what Dr. Hopkins says about the gospel that I want you to pay close attention to 6 minutes and 25 seconds into the video, where Dr. Hopkins makes this outlandish and outrageous claim that there is only one passage in the Bible where “Jesus says these are the criteria to get into Heaven.”

This is an abomination of the gospel.

According to Dr. Hopkins, an ordained minister “in good standing” at the United Church of Christ in Chicago and a Professor of Theology at the University of Chicago Divinity School:

“…there is only one passage in the Bible where Jesus says “these are the criteria to get into Heaven” and that’s in Matthew 25 verses 31 and follow…Luke 14 is one and Matthew 25 and 31 and the only criteria Jesus lays out is to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, give shelter to those who are homeless and visit me in prison.

If that is what Dr. Hopkins believes is the gospel, he is not saved because you cannot be saved by works no matter what the professor says. And if this is the gospel his Church believes in, they are in serious trouble.

It is important to note that this is the Church President Obama attended for many years. Put aside for a minute all the explosive rhetoric of Jeremiah Wright, and think about what these people believe about the gospel.

It is a travesty. It is an abomination.

Rollin Miller