Incline Your Ear, O Lord


O Lord our hearts grow weary in the face of a world which does not fear your name. We are slow to get up having been knocked down again and again in the ensuing battle—the enemy having never the need to slumber.

This world is not our home, but a great canvas of fields to which we have been called to serve. It is a mission field of lost souls, a place of desperation for those who dangle precariously over an eternity of judgment. It is a minefield of spiritual devices, cleverly hidden and set to inflict the greatest harm possible. It is a battle field wherein the savagery of the spiritual conflict rages on until that we either fall to the ground in death or until you come to take your army—your bride home.

Strengthen our hearts Lord as faintness overshadows, as our spirits fail under the crushing boot of an unrelenting foe. Infuse our life with your Spirit afresh and lift us above the fray.

Help us to look upon the face of the growing darkness from thrones set on high, from the vantage of heavenly places. Help us to remember who we are in Christ Jesus.

With your loving hand, pick us up when we stumble. When our legs grows weary, gird them about with your strength.  When our eyes have been filled with the corruption of the world, turn them again unto to  your matchless glory.

And when we grow afraid, remind us to fear not, for you are with us. Tell us gain not to be dismayed for you are our God. When we stand at the water’s edge with the enemy bearing down, calm our anxious hearts and encourage us to stand still and see the salvation from your hand.

We are your children—we are your bride—we are your saints. We are heirs of God and joint heirs with Jesus Christ. We are accepted in the beloved and we are perfected forever. We sit at the right hand of God in Christ Jesus, even as we go to work everyday and feed our families.

We are of two worlds, one in the heavenly realm, the other, here on this earth awaiting that final call. We go about in the work you would have us do, but always mindful of our birthright.

We are a needy people Lord God, and those needs can only be satisfied by you. Let us not ever believe that the world and the enemy’s devices, however tantalizing could ever substitute for what you offer.

Let us continue to Look unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith who will soon come again, the blessed hope, to receive us unto himself, that where he is, there we shall be also.


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