Desolation Diaries 8-13-16



Uncertainty and the fear which accompanies it is all part of the grand plan. They are but two arrows in the same quiver designed to destabilize the world’s status quo by which we, that is my father and I can herd the masses in the direction we want them to go—namely off the cliff and into our hands.

Apart from seeking divine intervention, there is nothing that you or the rest of the world can do about it. Our plan has worked so well that any hope of economic stability in the world is but an unattainable dream. Defiant individualism and nationalism will fair no better than compliant unionism and identity fluidity in our brave new world. Elections, no matter who is running or what party takes control can pull back the reins of destruction.

It is over.

And when I finally emerge, taking my rightful place on the…

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