Desolation Diaries 10-17-16



How close things are becoming—glorious things—marvelous things—destructive things.

How easily our agenda is advanced. How apathetic and complacent have the people of the world become. Like pigs to the slaughter they come, and I shall hold the knife to their throats and give glory to my father with every pull of my blade, their bodies falling to the ground. A growing heap of death and destruction.

And to think that all of this could have been avoided. Their miserable souls could have been destined for an eternal existence starkly different from the one which is theirs. His prophets have heralded warning down through the centuries, and while they have had some impact, the words have fallen largely on deaf ears—much to my and my father’s delight.

We have long passed by the “best sold by date” and the moment of my unveiling is nearly here. I delight in the…

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