Desolation Diaries 8-13-16

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I am in this world but I am not of it. I walk among you but I am not of you. I am seen but not noticed, I am known but only to the extent my father and I wish it so.

I am the ultimate sleeper.

Ascending in power and influence, each step I take, every choice I make and every day which passes brings me closer to fulfilling the role to which I was born. While many a man has rightly claimed to being born of destiny, there has never been anyone like me.

Xerses, Alexander and Napoleon would fall to their knees in my presence, and all the great empires layered in history would crumble under my fist. And as for the nations today, let me say that as powerful as your technology and weapons are, you are a pretentious lot who are dreadfully unaware that…

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