Why Do the Heathen Rage?

We have been warned about the days in which we live.

The prophets—the apostles—the very inspired Word of God minces no words when it comes to describing a crazed world spinning faster and faster down the funnel of destruction. Lunacy and madness rule the day while anxiety driven anarchy pokes and prods with reckless abandon, seeking to break through and rip the world apart.

Along the way, the historic and biblical understanding of absolutes has been gleefully tossed into the maniacal flames as the world attempts to wipe out every vestige of divine order and with it, God himself. The monster has broken free of the petri dish as the mad scientist world attempts to create a global “safe zone”, free from any visible or audible “trigger” which evokes emotions ranging from a mild awkwardness to full-head-on-heathen-rage and gnashing of teeth.

Barriers and boundaries—distinctions which separate are deeply hated by those who bury their self-loathing and claw maddeningly at the prison walls of their dark soul as they attempt to normalize their circumstance. But light and darkness to not mix and as the frustration of their failed experiments manifest themselves, they do the only thing their spiritual insanity allows them to do, and that is to try to stamp out the light all together.

Why do the heathen rage?

Why do they weep and wail and gnash their teeth?

They do so because those in darkness love sin and hate the light.

They do so because they fear the future and the one distinction which they cannot erase and that is the one between life and death.

Most embrace contrived notions of what lies just a moment beyond the end of life as they know it, hardily embracing a cessation of everything and an uneasy but practiced sense of perpetual darkness—anything but the idea of eternal consequence and divine accountability.

Others plunge headlong in crazed pursuit of all that is embraced in trans and post humanism. Science and technology are their holy grail to enhance and extend life by becoming biologic and technological chimeras. This Promethean journey is not aptly described when one decries them as “playing God”, but has at its core a brackish and dark force behind it, one which will manifest itself fully when the prison cell is fully opened and the foretold beast arises from the bottomless pit and merges with a political leader who will sign an agreement with the world which promises peace, peace—seven years of peace.

This antichrist is the ultimate fulfillment of those who wish to break down every barrier and distinction which God has established and in the long run attempt to undermine and replace God himself.

This spirit of antichrist has been at work for a very long time, and now its menacing nature is preparing to break out of the shadows and step forth on center stage. The silence of the theater has been broken by the slowly rising haunt of music, crafted by a master of deceit to which even Rachmaninoff and Barber would bow. The heavy curtains begin to separate as the highly anticipated next act of the world’s history is ready to perform.

The world is set to burn even as the heathen rage rejoice in their maddening pursuit not realizing that it is they which will become fodder on the battlefield.

There is no place for them to hide. There is no escape in the darkness.


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